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Nov 1, 2012 12:00pm PDT
continuing resolutions. in other words, they funded the government until the spring at which point they're going to try to come back and do something about it. the president's proposal, his budget proposal, which as everybody knows has not been enacted for a 3% cut to fema, including disaster relief funds. the republican proposal, the nearest thing to it, would pass the house of representatives as represented by paul ryan, the chairman of the budget committee, would have across-the-board cuts of about 22% and presumably we don't know for sure, that would include fema. but again, all of the kind of ambiguous at this point, all of it up in the air. they're going to have to come back after the election in a lame-duck session anyway, try to figure out what to do about that fiscal cliff. they would probably fund fema in the interim. republicans are going to insist that any funding of fema over and above what is planned is offset with cuts elsewhere. so basically, we could be looking at the same old story here, steve. >> hey, mike, it's krystal. we know the president's back on the campai
Oct 30, 2012 12:00pm PDT
really first here. >> stephanie, state and local governments had been hammered and forced to make huge budget cuts, police, layoff teachers. how can they absorb the financial impact of this storm? >> this is going to be massive. if you think about new york city and the billions of dollars in estimates in damages, you haven't even factored the infrastructure costs. earlier today at bloomberg television we spoke to a contributor of the churchall group an expert in new york counterterrorism. he said when you think about the cost to the subway system, we can't begin to scratch the surface. we have the oldest subway system in the world, and if you've taken any shot agent bowling green today, city hall, there's water pouring. fumes from chemicals inside. once rescue teams get there and to address the situation, we can't begin to assess what the costs are going to be. there's a funny anecdote. yesterday new jersey governor chris christie had a plea to new jersey residents, those who live along the coastline saying you jokers standing in front of your house in army fatigues saying i'm goi
Oct 29, 2012 12:00pm PDT
the government to actually do something and do it well, they are much more likely to trust democrats in that circumstance. >> sure. >> the overall impact of the storm on the election is un unknowable. obama looks leader-like and presidential in the situation. he's part of the narrative of the storm, but then you pointed out, we're damaging early voting which is critical to the president's strategy. it becomes this situation like the president gets to look like a calm, strong leader in a crisis. that's the way some people read it. other people say the storm is obama's faumt and it proves he's weak. whatever way i see it, you see it that way. >> one problem for each the candidates jumps out at me. take obama. you alluded to early voting right there. there's this lag obama is doing pretty well in the swing states, but in the national horse race he's as best tied with romney and at worst he's down a point. it raises the possibility of that split verdict. you lose the popular vote and win the electoral college. the reason for that as i outlined last week is he is lagging particularly in t
Oct 31, 2012 3:00pm EDT
level and much of this is coordinated at the state level with the federal government pitching in, helping out as they can. the president arrived in atlantic city. he was greet at the bottom of the stairs by an individual on the republican side that's praised him so e fusively and that's chris christie. they got aboard marine one. administrator fugate was with them. they traveled about an hour. long beach island, ship bottom, seaside heights, seaside heights, in particular, as we have seen from our media helicopters hit particularly hard. the president has landed on the way now to a community center that's sheltered as many as 200 at the worst part of the storm at a place outside of atlantic city. there we expect the president to tour the shelter, helping out those in distress and then make a statement, steve. i think we can expect the president to try to project calm, concern, empathy, authority if you will. what we'll not see the president project is any sort of overt political age toll this. this is all very serious and chris christie by his side as he had all afternoon. >> it'
Nov 2, 2012 12:00pm PDT
bad. they would like the government to be here. they'd like to have more solutions. those are the questions they're asking. there's always the evacuees, toure. there are five evacuation centers, five shelters, and we visited two of them today. one closed down and they moved them from one place to another. we spoke with the driver that moved them, and this is how he described those vac kevacuees. take a listen to danny connors. >> there was a couple kids on the bus with two different colored shoes and socks. my kids are older now, and you think about stuff like that. you realize what you got. >> reporter: toure, there's this to help the evacuees and those who don't have things. this is a hygiene kit and a cleanup kit. it has towels and plastic bags and clean wipes. these hygiene kits are important too, huggy, toot busch and deodorant. these things are getting in here, but the residents want it a little faster, toure. >> i can understand that. thanks, richard. right now mitt romney is in ohio. you guessed it. let's listen in. >> the lieutenant-governor is a terrific person and wonde
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)